NJ Ayuk, founder and CEO of the highly recognized Centurion Law Group, has consistently remained with a thought that Africa’s oil and gas assets are more than enough to fuel in the financial renaissance over the entire continent.

As per him, the same resources need to expertly utilized, while bringing all the technology and innovation into process. This is where he covered all the major topics and concerns within the same respect in his new book named ‘Billions at Play’ that has grabbed all the big success and appreciation from the expert and the masses.

Mr. NJ Ayuk comes as the existing CEO of the famous Centurion law group which is a pan African legal and Advisory Corporation with its main office in South Africa. The firm has scored tremendous growth over the past few years and further ensured their global outreach to countries like Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon and Mauritius. Looking at his high end experience in the same domain, he has served to some of the biggest firms whilst crafting their investment strategies

NJ Ayuk

'Billions at Play' by NJ Ayuk: Bringing the highly anticipated development and change to the African energy markets

Nj Ayuk Centurion Law Group

What’s about the content in the book?

The book, “Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy”, that got released on October 2019, will incorporate all the engaging, helpful thoughts, stories, models, and data that can be utilized by the African countries to assume the responsibility for their future, from all the most recent oil revenue management models, gas to power, deal-making methods and backstage techniques that NJ Ayuk has effectively structured as a team with all the multinational firms and African governments.

Discussing the key points that will be shrouded in the book by NJ Ayuk , it would cover the noteworthiness of women for oil and gas administration, monetizing petroleum assets, the significance of American interest in Africa’s oil and gas industry in President Trump’s period, local content, address of African energy security concerns, the conversation about the new African big game changers, and the value and benefits that can be brought to the African nations by dynamic inclusion in The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

NJ Ayuk, who is likewise the co-writer of another book named Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity and also comes over as the Executive Chairman of the Africa Energy Chamber, stated that “We’ve heard all that could possibly be needed about the difficulties faced by Africa. In this way, Instead of harping on our issues, we should now be cooperating to invert Africa’s Resource Curse. Try not to misunderstand me, this book won’t be a hopeful composition for a superior world. It will have to a greater degree a ‘quit whining, get up and get the opportunity to work’ sort of message—upheld up with handy thoughts for effective utilization of Africa’s oil assets.”

The major reason behind the writing of this book

NJ Ayuk further expressed that the primary reason for him to write this book is to trigger a solid conversation and discourse about the future of the African energy industry that is seeing some large issues in nations like Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, South Sudan, Algeria, Uganda, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Gabon, South Africa, Angola, Libya, Niger, Congo, Chad, Mauritania, Tanzania and so on. He further expressed, “I know there will be readers that don’t hold any agreement with my points and I welcome that without any question. Still, we can’t think about, positive changes for local Africans until we begin talking about a path forward. “The more we advocate moral obligation, restricted government, free markets, individual liberty, and empowering surroundings for business, Africa’s oil industry, and African stand to profit only from foreign investment.”

All these points have been beautifully conceptualized by NJ ayuk in the book and we can certainly assume what all he is pointing towards. With the onset of the coronavirus situation, every industry has witnessed a big down surge in terms of growth and the African energy industry isn’t an exception.

Hence, it is high time now to bring forward a strategy that looks forward to working together in harnessing the available energy resources in the best manner possible.

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