A sneak peek into the Oil and Energy sectors in the post-Covid 19 era by NJ Ayuk

Even though COVID 19 outbreak has dented almost every industrial sector around the world in the past few months, the Oil and gas energy sector has been most severely hit. Right when the crude oil prices were going southwards, the outbreak has almost dampened the demand for oil and gas energy across various aspects of life. NJ Ayuk, the co-founder of the famous centurion law group, further talks about the ill-effects of the covid19 outbreak on the Oil and gas energy sectors. He further refers to the recent report released by the IEA Oil market that talks about the huge drop in the demand of oil and gas around various parts of the globe. That said, let’s take a look at the major elements in regards to the same study.   Impact on the electricity sector   NJ Ayuk guardian, who himself played a key role in transforming the African oil and energy sectors in the recent times, also points towards the overall impact of this dropping demand on the electricity sector. He points out the big down surge witnessed by Europe in the electricity rates in the same context. There have been certain European countries, where electricity prices have gone negative. Although these figures were evident on weekends or holidays in these zones, even weekdays are not an exception anymore. Hence, it can be said that the drop in demand can drastically impact the electricity sector in the post-COVID 19 eras.     Delayed construction of energy establishments   While almost every sector has ceased its operations in recent times due to COVID 19 outbreak, the energy sector is no exception. This is where most of the non-critical energy establishments have been suspended or delayed in the wake of complete lockdown across various countries. NJ Ayuk further says that renewable energy markets have experienced the biggest hit as there is a big drop in the supply of raw materials and inventories to help the functioning of such establishments. For example, China is the biggest producer and manufacturer of clean energy solutions like Solar panels, batteries and wind turbines. Now, as there is a ban on international flights and other export/import, the establishment are non-functional due to the lack of all such equipment and solutions.     Delayed payments for energy consumption   NJ Ayuk also points towards the guidelines issues by the energy suppliers to their consumers in regards to the delay in p[ayment of the energy bills during the lockdown period. This widespread tolerance of non-payment or delayed payment is drastically impacting the functioning and operational of these energy sectors.

Importance of Time-Management in Business

Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, time management is one of the biggest assets for the success of your business. Business is not a way of making good money but it also a state of mind that involves many professional and personal qualities. Being able to scale, grow, execute, and launch a business is a rational isometric concerning a lot of strategies, marketing, sales, planning, networking, research, and further relevant activities. As per the outcome, businessmen have to jump into so many business activities such as attending business events, hops of calls, different tasks, and need to make decisions that benefit the business. They have to work unexceptionally without getting into any kind of time, time management is one of the essential things that would help any businessman to achieve their goals. Managing time is an irreplaceable skill and proved to be extremely beneficial for a long-term race, whether you have an established business or started from scratch. Business owners need to learn skills of time management and should apply it to their workspace as it can make a big difference in your business goal. We are not saying such things in the air, here we will tell you some why time management is essential for you. And, all the information we are about to tell is straight coming from NJ ayuk, who is one of the renowned CEO of the famous Centurion law group which is a pan African legal and advisory corporation with its chief office in South Africa. The company has recorded marvelous expansion concluded the past few years and furthermore guaranteed its global outreach to republics such as Mauritius, Cameroon, Ghana, and Equatorial Guinea. As a corporate expert, NJ ayuk centurion law group has enormously pandered in the establishing, reconciliation and action of the indispensable technique of occupational colossi such as LNG, Mining, petroleum, and another ordinary reserve development. Besides, if we encompass some of his massive custom bases, that comprise some of the main business operatives such as Senegal, Nigeria, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, Uganda, South Sudan, and Equatorial Guinea, and other sub-Saharan countries. Now, enough talking about the author itself, let’s talk about the importance of time management in a business. Time Management is Essential for Leadership Businessmen and entrepreneurs always lead by an example in front of many aspiring students and working professionals. The work ethic and value showed by a company’s conclusion creators have a direct influence on the culture of the company and if taken in the right way, would praise by the employees. This quality is basically known as “leadership”. To maintain leadership time management is an essential thing as if you don’t know how to manage your time properly, you wouldn’t be able to make the right decisions for your company. So, as a leader of your company, you need to learn skills of time management as it will lead to the heights of great success. The one who knows how to manage time, can achieve in

How to save your business from any unwanted legal dispute?

We all must have heard about the failure stories of various businesses and how they have fallen down to various legal complexities within days of their start. Well, this is something that can be avoided for your given business if you take care of certain legal aspects during its functioning. NJ Ayuk, who comes over as one of the most sought after legal business advisor in south Africa, lays down certain key factors to keep your business away from any legal complications. Manage your reputation One of the first things which businesses and brands need to be concerned about is their reputations amongst their respective clients or customers. It’s a given that every business has to come through various challenges in terms of the feedback and reviews received regarding their products or services. While that’s been done; they need to be really careful whilst responding to the same queries and complaints. As per NJ Ayuk, a businessman needs to be really careful whilst using their social media an even the slightest mistake in their response to the general masses can put them into some serious legal trouble. Getting incorporated Getting incorporated as a business or a firm is always recommended in case you are going to start functioning as a full-time firm. This would come for your help in case if the business comes through to any unwanted bankruptcy or settlement. As per NJ Ayuk, being in a sole proprietorship can always put your personal assets at risk and this is where every business must register itself as an LLC, or small company is been advisable. While you are already short on capital, any such mishap can lead your whole business into trouble in no time. Avoid conflicting situations There may be a chance that being a businessman, you get to fall into an altercation with the clients or the customers for irrelevant reasons. This is where any such situation must be avoided by the businessman and they must keep certain legal experts around to take care of any such issues. Any personal involvement may bring some big harm to the overall reputation of the firm and hence the owners and the management must not fall into any such issues during the functioning of the business. As per NJ Ayuk, people must take all the factors into consideration before getting into any given dispute. Stay insured You cannot really predict the future and just like every business, yours may counter through situations like market trends, recession or any other unwanted situation. Getting insurance for your given firm is always recommended as it can shield you from any such threats in the future. Moreover, you must also consult with a legal professional in case a dispute gets raised from all the above-mentioned situations. As per NJ Ayuk, a legal professional can really help you in all sorts of matters which may prove lethal for your business or brand in the process. Hence, that’s the best way to keep your business safe

NJ Ayuk Centurion Law Group

What Are The Challenges You Face Whilst Starting A New Business?

Getting along with a new business venture isn’t really an easy task in hand and the person really has to face through a number of challenges in the same process. Talking about challenges, there may be a situation when you as an aspiring entrepreneur would like to give up to the whole situation. This is what surely differentiates between an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur. NJ Ayuk, one of the renowned business advisors in South Africa, also voices his opinion in the same regards. As per him, any new businessman would come through the following challenges and he/she must stay prepared with all the true grit and determination towards their given aspirations. Unforeseen Factors No one can predict the future and this is where the aspiring businessman must stay prepared for any given challenge. Unforeseen factors like market trends, customer demands, and recession can largely impact the growth and development of the business and a businessman must stay ready for these in the times to come. As per NJ Ayuk, a successful businessman stay intact and positive during all these situations and that is something which makes them a class apart from the average ones. Financial Management This can certainly be quoted as the key to the success of any business and a successful businessman must take care of the same aspect in order to bring an overall growth to the organization. Factors like cash flows, costs management, margins and financing are really crucial for the functioning of any given business and a successful businessman must take care of them in order to score some big success in the process. NJ Ayuk (CEO, centurion law group) also quotes that financial management plays a key role in the ascertainment of the success of any given business for a longer period of time. Controlling The businessman must also bring through all the given performance indicators in order to evaluate the performance of the business from time to time. Even NJ Ayuk claims that every successful business works on the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) model where the management measures down the functional performance of every given business function and employee. While this would give you a clear picture of the business functioning, it would also bring down a clear cut analysis of its growth in the coming future. Staying Updated With The Technology No business can thrive if it cannot stay in line with the given technological advancements within the business domain. Hence, every aspiring businessman must look into this aspect before getting along with their given business aspirations.