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Centurion law group comes over as one of the most recognized African legal and business advisory group with broad involvement in oil and gas laws. The group gives outsourced legal representation and further takes care of a full suite of practice areas for its esteemed clients, including arbitration and commercial litigation, corporate law, tax, and anti-corruption advisory, and contract negotiation. Centurion represents considerable authority in helping clients that are beginning with their efforts of growing a business in Africa.

NJ Ayuk is the CEO and Managing Partner of Centurion Law Group and further comes over as one of the best legal experts around. Mr. Ayuk has been prompting some of the major organizations on their investment strategies, the establishment of joint ventures and cooperation structures, privatization, licensing and related tax, OHADA, Equatorial Guinea law, oil and gas, local content, litigation, negotiations, governance, and other matters. He also frequently advises international oil companies, governments, oil service companies, financial institutions, development banks, and construction firms across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Over the past decade, the firms have continued to help and support all the new businessman and entrepreneurs

The firm has its headquarters based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it further operates from various other offices located in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea; Accra, Ghana; and Douala, Cameroon. It comes with a core motive of helping and supporting businessman and entrepreneurs that are looking forward to growing their business in the continent. The group explores the administrative conditions of Africa’s distinctive legal jurisdiction in order to facilitate all such businessmen to get ahead with their business operations without any legal complications.

Firms have continued to help and support all the new businessman and entrepreneurs while being the :

– Practice and industry leaders within the African jurisdiction
– Carrying a thorough understanding of local regulatory environments and customs
– Robust local network
– Extensive cross-border operations
– Incorporating all the latest knowledge of markets developments and dynamics
– Local content champions
– Recognized as Band 1 in General Business Law by Chambers

Centurion Law Group and Centurion Plus complement one another. Customers get the extensive advantage of their high-end expertise, assets, and associations—alongside a method for getting to top legal talent at a much reasonable rate. Numerous clients prefer full-time, in-house legal, and business representation; others welcome the adaptability of picking the services of an advisor just when they need it.

By joining the two alternatives, Centurion expands on its act of elevating Africa. Centurion Plus makes astounding legal services highly affordable to all the developing indigenous organizations and foreign firms settling up within the African continent. And they keep on offering phenomenal career options to all the lawyers on board.

Like never before, Africa is currently a mainland of development, and their hybrid model is supporting that development in a reasonable and significant manner. Regardless of whether your company needs to use the full assets of their legal practice or simply needs a group of experienced lawyers for a one-time project—or both—Centurion will cater to your needs.

Professional legal services, right when you need them

They work with you to understand your short to medium-term or project-based necessities, and then recognize proficient attorneys with the right knowledge and skillset to meet your requirements.

Their legal services are coordinated and customized and are intended for small, medium, and large private and public organizations across Africa. Their independent group of legal counselors and advisors deal with a project by project basis while facilitating you to scale your assets according to your requirements.

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