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Five Reasons Why Solar Energy Must be Considered as the Future of Green Energy

Right from our childhood, we have heard numerous stories and theories regarding the significance of solar energy for the survival of planet earth. Still, have we ever wondered how this solar energy can prove to be vital for the well-being of our ecosystem?

NJ Ayuk, who comes over as the executive chairman of the African energy chambers advocates the utilization of solar energy for the better good of humans in the coming times.

According to him, as humanity is struggling for its survival amidst this pandemic situation, we have to find better and cleaner ways of serving our energy needs. Hereby, he is suggesting numerous benefits of utilizing Solar energy for mankind.

1. Minimising air pollution

We all know about the unending harmful effects of using fossil fuels like coal and petrol on our ecosystem. Moreover, recent studies and researches have proved that the continuous usage of coal or petroleum for energy production may lead to various nature-based catastrophes in the coming future.

NJ Ayuk guardian gives the example of the recent smog sheets that covered most of the countries like India, China, USA, and Australia. As per him, these were all connected to the air pollution that got infused in the air from the burning of these fossils fuels in various manners.

Speaking of the usage, humans used these fossils fuels for vehicles, industries, and various other purposes. Hence, if it continued the same way for the next few decades, we are expected to witness another climate-based catastrophic situation.

This is where Solar energy is a game-changer. Not only it can fulfill most of our energy requirements, but it is also a cleaner and renewable source of energy. On the other side, it’s also available in abundance across every part of the globe.

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2. Minimised water utilization

Most of the fossil fuels utilize water as a raw material during the energy generation process. Even when we talk about the cleaner source of energy like Hydropower, a dam needs to be built for the same purpose.

Eventually, this construction will lead to a more drastic impact on the water resources and the ecosystem alongside. So, when we talk about Solar energy in the same respect, it doesn’t use water in any regard.

Moreover, it doesn’t also lay any negative impact on the environment and the ecosystem. NJ Ayuk says that this is where using Solar energy can prove to be vital for every country that is looking to preserve its water resources.

3. Less dependency on non-renewable energy sources

As we just mentioned that solar energy is available across every part of the globe in abundance, it can drastically reduce our dependency on most of the non-renewable sources of energy like coal or petroleum.

While most of these fossil fuels generate a lot of pollutants in the air, no such issues have been found with solar energy. Also, we don’t need to worry about its scarcity like its non-renewable counterparts.

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4. A positive impact on Human health

As per recent data released by the United Nations, millions of people get diagnosed with various health issues due to the increasing air pollution within their surroundings every year. The number can spike up in the coming decades if nothing fruitful done in the same respect.

Solar energy, while being one of the cleanest sources of energy, can certainly be quoted as one of our biggest positive in the same regards. NJ ayuk wife says that Solar energy is the real game-changer and it also doesn’t bring any harm to the existence of humanity on this planet.

5. Helps combat the climate change issue

The increased amount of carbon emission in the environment has led to the melting of ice sheets across the arctic region within the past few years. Now, as we can hear a lot of talks regarding climate change around us, something needs to be done quickly to avoid any further damage to the environment.

According to NJ Ayuk centurion law group, solar energy is something that we can look up to for the same purpose. Not only the carbon emission to the environment can be regulated, we can easily fulfill all the energy needs and requirements of the general population.


The time is gone for any further discussion or debates on the relevance of solar energy for mankind and both the governments and the people must take this matter in hand on an urgent basis.

Moreover, steps and measures need to be taken in order to bring solar energy as a perfect alternative to all the existing non-renewable sources of energy around.