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Nj Ayuk: Immense Benefits of Solar Energy in Your Country

One of the major benefits of solar energy in Africa is that it is a highly sustainable substitute to fossil fuels that will not only save the environment but develops energy at a very low rate. Though there are plenty of reasons that insist on the use of solar energy sustainability always would be the first. Solar energy has now become a progressively cost-effective substitute for fossil fuels in Africa.

Before understanding how solar energy can help you to lead a better and successful life, let’s first understand what actually solar energy is.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is a natural energy which is developed by the light rays of the sun and its warmth- photovoltaic and solar thermal. This solar energy is used to develop heat and electricity. Renewable and inexhaustible, as it comes from the heat and warmth of the sun, this naturally derived energy is harnessed with the used of mirrors and magnetic panels.

Photovoltaic solar cells alter sun rays and warmth into energy in the form of electricity and light with the help of the “photovoltaic effect”. In this reaction, certain material absorbs photons from sunlight (light particles) and release electrons, develop an electric current.


NJ Ayuk: Why Legal Advisor is Essential for the Success of Your Business

The business world is unpredictable, you might gain success in a night or t might take decades, it all depends on the service you are providing and your hard work. But, discussing your business with NJ ayuk can make it easy for you to achieve success in the very initial days.

Nj ayuk centurion law group explains why it is essential to hire a legal advisor is essential for the success of your business. Nj ayuk is one of the most prominent and successful figures in the business world of Africa today. He is now running a leading centurion law group for indigenous energy and entrepreneurship sectors of Africa. Nj ayuk after achieving huge success in his life has dedicated his entire life to the African entrepreneurs. He is a well-recognized deal maker in the power and petroleum sectors of a leading law firm.

When it comes to achieving success in business, he explains on the first hand it is not an easy thing to attain success and then even harder to maintain it. Business can’t shine just because of one person, it is a team of a fighter, motivator, creator, salesman, inventor and also a legal advisor too.


nj ayuk

Top Trends that Will be Determining the Future of the Global Energy Industry

In the wake of the current pandemic situation, the global authorities have been pushed to think about a greener source of energy that can cater to the existing energy demands without putting much impact on the ecosystem.

Besides, there will be several other aspects that will be shaping up the perspective and overall functioning of the global energy sector in the year 2020. NJ Ayuk, who comes over as the executive of the African energy chambers, further talks about some of the key factors in the same regards.

1. Rising demand of the greener energy solutions

Recent data released by the International renewable energy agency confirms that in order to catch up to the goals agreed in the Paris agreement, renewable energy sources must hold a major part of the annual global electricity generation process.

As of now, the percentage is around 25 % and the same needs to be increased by up to 85 % by the year 2050. To achieve the same goals, countries need to invest around USD 110 trillion into the same project.


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Five Reasons Why Solar Energy Must be Considered as the Future of Green Energy

Right from our childhood, we have heard numerous stories and theories regarding the significance of solar energy for the survival of planet earth. Still, have we ever wondered how this solar energy can prove to be vital for the well-being of our ecosystem?

NJ Ayuk, who comes over as the executive chairman of the African energy chambers advocates the utilization of solar energy for the better good of humans in the coming times.

According to him, as humanity is struggling for its survival amidst this pandemic situation, we have to find better and cleaner ways of serving our energy needs. Hereby, he is suggesting numerous benefits of utilizing Solar energy for mankind.