Immense benefits of solar energy in your country

One of the major benefits of solar energy in Africa is that it is a highly sustainable substitute to fossil fuels that will not only save the environment but develops energy at a very low rate. Though there are plenty of reasons that insist on the use of solar energy sustainability always would be the first. Solar energy has now become a progressively cost-effective substitute for fossil fuels in Africa.

Before understanding how solar energy can help you to lead a better and successful life, let’s first understand what actually solar energy is.

What is Solar Energy? 

Solar Energy is a natural energy which is developed by the light rays of the sun and its warmth- photovoltaic and solar thermal. This solar energy is used to develop heat and electricity. Renewable and inexhaustible, as it comes from the heat and warmth of the sun, this naturally derived energy is harnessed with the used of mirrors and magnetic panels.

Photovoltaic solar cells alter sun rays and warmth into energy in the form of electricity and light with the help of the “photovoltaic effect”. In this reaction, certain material absorbs photons from sunlight (light particles) and release electrons, develop an electric current.


NJ Ayuk: The world needs to think about solar energy as the future energy source

Solar energy is widely known as one of the least expensive and broadly accessible energy sources. Still, there are very few individuals that know about its benefits and this is where everyone around must be made aware of the same.

NJ Ayuk, who comes over as a standout amongst other energy specialists around the world, also talks about the numerous benefits attached to the usage of solar energy.

A sustainable source of energy

In times when the whole world is struggling with various nature-based calamities, their attention is no switching back to the much cleaner and cheaper sources of energy.

Speaking of solar energy, it is highly been claimed as the least expensive one within the list. On the opposite side, it is broadly accessible across pretty much all zones and regions of the globe. All things considered, is we compare the same with other non-renewable sources like coal or gas, we can certainly figure out the harm we are doing to our biological system while utilizing these non-renewable energy sources.

NJ Ayuk guardian says that despite the fact that the vast majority of the people thinking in similar respects, the execution part gets weaken during the entire procedure.


NJ Ayuk : The world needs to understand the relevance of Solar power before it’s too late

Solar energy is long been known as one of the cheapest and widely available energy resources. Still, not many people are aware of its benefits and this is where the required awareness needs to be spread around. NJ Ayuk, who comes over as one of the best energy experts around the globe, further talks about some of the most significant benefits of using solar energy enter

Renewable energy source

If we talk about all the other renewable sources of energy, Solar energy can be said to be the cheapest one. On the other side, it is widely available across almost every part of the globe. Well, if we compare the same to a non-renewable source like coal or gas, we can ascertain the damage we are doing to our ecosystem while using these fossil fuels. NJ Ayuk says that even though most of the governments are thinking in the same regards, the execution part is weak in the whole process.


nj ayuk guardian

Dark clouds of uncertainty looming over the future of global energy sector amidst this pandemic: NJ Ayuk

The outbreak of the COVID 19 virus has led to some serious damage in various industrial sectors and domain in the past few months and we cannot see those getting back in shape anytime soon. Even the recent report released by the International energy agency has deemed this as the ‘once in a century crisis’.

NJ Ayuk, who comes over as one of the most renowned energy experts from the African continent, further raise concerns on the future of the energy sector amidst this coronavirus threat. As per him, with the closure of international travel in almost every country around, the global energy demands have plummeted to their worst low.

NJ Ayuk centurion law group also says that we cannot foresee any big hope in the coming future so it’s all down to the respective countries and the authorities to come up with some favorable policies and reforms to rejuvenate this sector sooner than later.