A sneak peek into the Oil and Energy sectors in the post-Covid 19 era by NJ Ayuk

Even though COVID 19 outbreak has dented almost every industrial sector around the world in the past few months, the Oil and gas energy sector has been most severely hit. Right when the crude oil prices were going southwards, the outbreak has almost dampened the demand for oil and gas energy across various aspects of life.

NJ Ayuk, the co-founder of the famous centurion law group, further talks about the ill-effects of the covid19 outbreak on the Oil and gas energy sectors. He further refers to the recent report released by the IEA Oil market that talks about the huge drop in the demand of oil and gas around various parts of the globe. That said, let’s take a look at the major elements in regards to the same study.


Importance of Time-Management in Business

Whether you are an established business owner or an entrepreneur, time management is one of the biggest assets for the success of your business. Business is not a way of making good money but it also a state of mind that involves many professional and personal qualities. Being able to scale, grow, execute, and launch a business is a rational isometric concerning a lot of strategies, marketing, sales, planning, networking, research, and further relevant activities.

As per the outcome, businessmen have to jump into so many business activities such as attending business events, hops of calls, different tasks, and need to make decisions that benefit the business. They have to work unexceptionally without getting into any kind of time, time management is one of the essential things that would help any businessman to achieve their goals. Managing time is an irreplaceable skill and proved to be extremely beneficial for a long-term race, whether you have an established business or started from scratch.


How to save your business from any unwanted legal dispute?

We all must have heard about the failure stories of various businesses and how they have fallen down to various legal complexities within days of their start. Well, this is something that can be avoided for your given business if you take care of certain legal aspects during its functioning. NJ Ayuk, who comes over as one of the most sought after legal business advisor in south Africa, lays down certain key factors to keep your business away from any legal complications.

NJ Ayuk


NJ Ayuk Centurion Law Group

What Are The Challenges You Face Whilst Starting A New Business?

Getting along with a new business venture isn’t really an easy task in hand and the person really has to face through a number of challenges in the same process. Talking about challenges, there may be a situation when you as an aspiring entrepreneur would like to give up to the whole situation. This is what surely differentiates between an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur. NJ Ayuk, one of the renowned business advisors in South Africa, also voices his opinion in the same regards. As per him, any new businessman would come through the following challenges and he/she must stay prepared with all the true grit and determination towards their given aspirations.

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