NJ Ayuk

Most Sought After Legal Professional and Business Adviser in South Africa

Mr. NJ Ayuk comes as the existing CEO of the famous Centurion law group which is a pan African legal and Advisory Corporation with its main office in South Africa. The firm has scored tremendous growth over the past few years and further ensured their global outreach to countries like Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon and Mauritius. Looking at his high end experience in the same domain, he has served to some of the biggest firms whilst crafting their investment strategies, the development of joint ventures and corporation structures, privatization, licensing and related tax matters, OHADA law, oil and gas, power, local content development, litigation, contracts negotiation, governance and other key matters in relation to the African energy sector.

Start of the professional career

As an industry professional, he has been highly indulged in the structuring, pacification and implementation of core process of industry giants like petroleum, mining, LNG, and other natural resource projects. Moreover, if we include some of his big clientele base, that include some of the major industrial operators  like Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Uganda, and Angola, Congo-Brazzaville, Nigeria, Senegal and other sub-Saharan countries. This is where he is carrying some big experience in process of facilitating and negotiating PSCs, EPSAs, JOAs, service agreements, concessions, oilfield service and drilling contracts, whilst also taking care of the licensing, pipeline and marine transportation issues. His firm also participated in the sale and transportation of LNG to more than 15 African countries.

Nj Ayuk Centurion Law Group

Looking forward to his most recent work in the given domains, he has used his expertise whilst advising the Ministry of Petroleum and Energies of Senegal, the Ministry of Petroleum of South Sudan and the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial Guinea in regards to their local policies and their implementation process.  Mr. NJ Ayuk centurion law group has further participated in the most of the strategic investments and projects which have been designed to serve through Africa’s energy sector in recent years. Well, he also ensured his participation in the drafting process of South Sudan’s first exploration and manufacture sharing agreement along with the initiation of the  Equatorial Guinea’s offshore gas mega hub in 2019, which comes over as one of its kind projects across the whole African continent.

Career Achievement

It must also be mentioned that NJ Ayuk has also worked with the United Nations and used the same experience in monitoring various judicial modernization issues, rule of law issues, along with the training process of African judges, prosecutors and lawyers on a pro bono basis. Mr NJ Ayuk also ensures his active participation in domain specific seminars and conferences while being an active speaker and moderator.

He was one of the only legal professionals who targeted towards taking the African legal industry to the  21st century and launched  Centurion Plus, which has established itself as  Africa’s first lawyers and advisors on demand service to accommodate various firms and investors to accommodate their legal advisories teams according to the given projects requirements.

NJ Ayuk Guardian has appeared in various journals and blogs and his recent feature came in Chambers, Who’s Who Legal, and Forbes Magazine. Moreover, he is the author to some of the biggest industry best-sellers like Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity, which focuses towards the  Africa’s oil and gas sector while bringing a much better and clearer picture of various benefits of  African economies and entrepreneurs.

Talking about his academics, he got his graduation completed from one of the most famous University of Maryland College Park and went on to grab a JD from William Mitchell College of Law in the United States. He also got an MBA degree from the New York Institute of Technology under his belt and serves over as an active member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN), the Institute for Energy Law (IEL) and the Petroleum Joint Venture Association (PJVA).

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